The Business Leadership Group uses two acclaimed assessment tools:

Target Training International® We are a licensed, certified provider of a powerful battery of TTI assessments including DISC, PIAV, Job Fit and other targeted solutions for achieving superior performance throughout your business. TAB-LowCountry can use affordable and effective TTI methods to assess your personnel/staff and conduct in-depth workshops for team building using the results.

– Selection: The foundation for hiring superior performers starts with this patented job benchmarking process.

– Employee Retention: Keep your employees motivated, engaged and working with proven, effective retention solutions.

– Leadership Development: This crucial program stresses 5 key competencies leaders need and provides the foundation for their ongoing development.

– Performance Management: An effective, personalized, job-related performance management program.

– Behavioral Intelligence: Allows individuals to identify, understand and adapt the right behavior to achieve success.

Birkman Method® Through a special relationship, TAB-LowCountry is able to offer this sophisticated system for testing candidates for more senior positions and ensuring proper fit within the existing management team. The Birkman Method provides extensive, highly accurate portraits of preferred work habits and strengths, as well as behavioral styles and interests. It also indicates individual potential for certain professional occupations and working environments, the support needed from other individuals and the stress behaviors likely if these needs are not met. In addition, it provides a comprehensive profile of probable success at various levels of management and of the ability to interact as a member of a team. Certified and highly trained consultants utilize The Birkman Method for:

  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • Strategic H.R. Management
  • Performance Review
  • Training & Management Development
  • Team Creation & Building
  • Career & Succession Planning